Drier's Meat Market


Visit Drier's and experience a trip to the past. What was originally a wagon repair shop, the building that houses Drier's Meat Market was converted to a butcher shop in 1875 by an Englishman named Alec Watson, who named it The Union Meat Market. Ed Drier, Sr., was hired by Alec Watson when he was only 10 years old as a 25-cents-a-week delivery boy. Ed was eventually promoted to clerk at $6 a week and, in 1913, he bought the store from Watson.

Drier's Meat Market has been recognized as a National Historic Site since the time of its opening in 1875, which means it has been in continuous use as a butcher shop since shortly after the Civil War. It has a pre-Civil War front, and many of the original elements of the building still exist, including the four-paned windows that pre-date plate glass. There's sawdust on the floor, old butchering tools and a meat rack with ornamental cows. The smokehouse that is used to produce Drier's famous hams, bacon and ring bologna (spelled “baloney” by Ed, Sr.) is more than 100 years old.

The ring bologna was a favorite with the Michigan Central Railroad workers, who made special stops in Three Oaks to pick some up. The famous bologna is actually a kind of small salami in natural casing shaped like a horseshoe. Of course the family recipe is a secret, but it is an all-beef sausage with salt and pepper.

Drier's has been written about in numerous periodicals and publications, and the theme is always the same:  It's a pleasure to see a family doing something they enjoy for so long and doing it so well.


13 South Elm Street
Three Oaks, MI 49128

Phone: (269) 756-3101