Horizon Awnings

altLooking to add a little color and style to your home or to make your business stand out from the competition? Our custom awnings and outdoor shades are designed with your needs in mind. And awnings do an amazing job at cooling your living space and protecting your furnishings.

Is your deck or patio too hot to enjoy? With the push of a button, a retractable patio canopy gives you cooling shade or full sun as the mood strikes you. There are no posts or braces to get in your way, and there's no need to remove the awning for winter.

Is your deck already covered, but the glaring summer sun still finds you? Ask us about our vertical or horizontal see-through sun shades to help you keep your cool. Or use our rugged fabric screen porch shades year around to keep out rain, snow, and blowing dust when the porch is not in use.

Give us a call today for a free in-home estimate. We travel anywhere in northwest Indiana or southwest Michigan.

Horizon Awning
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