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The subject is bullying - - every American can look back on their school days and recall either being a bully, being bullied, or certainly observing someone being bullied. During the past several years bullying has become an epidemic in this country. So much so, that 1 out of every 3 students are becoming victims daily. Bullying is more common among elementary and middle school children. Research shows that bullying is seldom outgrown, it is simply redirected. This means that even as adults the tendency continues, whether it is acted upon or not. Approximately 60 percent of the boys identified as bullies in middle school will commit at least one crime by the time they reach the age of 24.

We at Eldridge’s ATA believe there is a way to fight this epidemic, and it begins with understanding it.

Bullies are not just looking for attention; they thrive on the imbalance of power. They may prey on victims with physical differences, who lack social skills to develop supportive friendships, who are younger or physically weaker, or who simply lack confidence. Both boys and girls engage in frequent verbal and relational bullying. However, boys bully more than girls, and boys are most likely to engage in physical bullying. Girls more likely bully through social exclusion, rumorspreading, cyber bullying, and sexual comments.

The effects of bullying on a person can be lower self-esteem, depression, anxiety, absenteeism and lack of school achievement, illness and thoughts of suicide. Bullied children are more likely to want to avoid going to school, to say they dislike school and to receive lower grades. The places that bullying primarily occurs are called “hot spots.” These hot spots are frequently locker rooms, playground, restrooms, and some areas of the hallways where teachers cannot see.

For over 10 years Eldridge’s ATA has been instructing students in life skills such as goal-setting, perseverance, honor, and confidence. Our program helps the student gain self-esteem and self-discipline, resulting in the confidence to overcome tough situations. Bully prevention is part of the daily curriculum in each class, and the level of instruction changes weekly as we focus on different ways to avoid bullying situations. Role-playing aids the student with “hands-on” training to practice confidence and to resist reacting in such a way that encourages bullying. Even though the student is in a martial arts program and is receiving instruction in self- defense, we never instruct students to fight bullies by bullying back. With martial arts, maintaining discipline is a major priority. Another priority is using one’s head and not engaging verbal exchanges.

Our students are taught to be LEADERS and SET THE STANDARD and MAKE THE DIFFERENCE

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