Fair Oak Farms

Exciting, Educational & Entertaining

The desire to educate, entertain and return something to an industry that has been a part of their families for generations is what led nine dairy families to create Fair Oaks Farms.  Located in Northwest Indiana, Fair Oaks Farms is a heartland dairy located on over 20,000 acres and milking 32,000 cows; it offers a fun-filled experience for the whole family.

A growing number of Americans have a desire to revive their rural roots generations after their families left farming in search of the city.

Fair Oaks Farms is good for the environment, good for the cows, and they’re proud to produce products that are good for you.  During your visit, you will notice these “good for you” messages repeated throughout the 7 Wonders of Fair Oaks.

One of these wonders is the imaginative, highly educational, Grass to Glass exhibit hall located in the Adventure Center.  The exhibit hall was created to fulfill the need of educating the public about the dairy’s role in environmental preservation.  In keeping with the themed focus of “being good for the environment,” the first exhibit showcases how Fair Oaks Farms protects the soil and water for future generations.  Highlighted in the succeeding exhibit are the anaerobic digester and the overall process of turning manure, a waste product, into a usable resource.  In turn, the exhibit literally takes the visitor from “grass,” the land and feed, to “glass,” the finished dairy product.

Another popular attraction is the Interactive area, located in the heart of the Adventure Center.  Visitors are captivated by the variety of amusing and educational activities.  Nutrition is the key element in the overall design concept.  Fair Oaks Farms makes learning easy and enjoyable.

While exploring the Adventure Center, visitors can board a cow-themed bus and take a 45-minute tour of one of the largest dairy farms in the United States.  This behind-the-scenes tour gives the visitor an up-close and personal look at a day in the life of a cow.  Visitors experience everything from feeding and sanitation to cow wellness and milk production.

Fresh premium milk will end up in a consumer’s glass or become one of Fair Oaks Farms’ award-winning cheeses or delicious ice creams.

The most important part of the overall dairy process is the birth of a calf.  It’s so important that without it there would be no milk.  Fair Oaks Farms understands how incredible this process is and has developed a facility around it.  The Birthing Barn was designed with the sole purpose of sharing this experience of birth with the public.  Visitors are seated in a theater-style viewing area and have the opportunity to see how it all begins at the dairy, with the arrival of a calf.

Fair Oaks Farms has accepted the assignment of educating the public about every facet of dairy production.  It is a role the nine dairy families who created Fair Oaks Farms feel strongly about. Oak Farms