Glance Eyewear Gallery

…Every face is a unique work of art and deserves a great frame.”

Glance Eyewear Gallery does one thing and does it very well. It sells unique designer
eyewear to a growing clientele in the Michiana area as well as across the country.

Owners Lenore Tracey and Jennifer Cole point out the company’s success over its 10 years of existence is due to strict attention to personal service.

“We created our business premise on the knowledge that every face is a unique work of art and deserves a great frame”, states Tracey. “Our clients can be assured that once he or she purchases a piece, it is retired from our collection and no one else in the area will look like them.”

Beyond just providing artistic frames, Glance also uses the latest lens advancements. “We customize lens shapes, we embed stones, we do special proprietary finishes. It truly is an art form,” says Tracey. “And if you come without your prescription we can
get it from your doctor.”

Obtaining her opticianry degree from Indiana University, Cole has been involved in many aspects of the business. “After noticing many different and unique frames available around the world, I was inspired to bring those pieces to the Michiana area”.

“With over 30 years of experience each we stay on top of the newest lens technology and keep an eye on emerging frame designers,” says Cole.

Tracey says she hopes that what Glance Eyewear Gallery does is lend an air of excitement and provide education to its customers. “The people we serve
don’t want to settle for the same old thing.” When Glance opened in 2001, Tracey and Cole, had no idea what the future would hold. By catering to everyone’s
personal style, their business has grown.

“We’ve never looked back,” says Tracey.

The store located in Heritage Square at

7220 Heritage Square Dr
Granger, IN 46530

Phone: (574) 271-1000

Monday through Saturday: 10 am - 7 pm.

The store also features art, which gives local artists exposure.

For more information on Glance Eyewear Gallery,
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