Historic Featherbone Factory

Home and Garden Decor Warehouse

Ken Wisner is proud of the role his family has played in restoring the historic Featherbone building in Three Oaks. Today, it is where you will find the family’s home, garden and outdoor decor store, along with their unique production of concrete stepping stones.
The Featherbone Factory was opened by Wisner’s parents, Jim and Meryln, in 1976, because they needed a place to manufacture their five lines of popular concrete stepping stones. Today, that has expanded to some 250 designs, along with concrete reinforced gazing ball stands and bird baths.
Before returning to the area a few years ago, Wisner lived in Naples, Fla., and worked as a restaurant manager.
Today, he’s perfectly comfortable in the family business.
“In a nutshell, we have a vast offering of unique items. We have gift items from the practical to the unusual,” says Wisner. “What I really like is the fact that our stones are made right here on the premises.”
Wisner says what sets Featherbone Factory apart from other outdoor decoration retailers is the selection. “Our products are very unusual. Most stores don’t have the unique selection that we do. Plus, we’re in a historic building. When you come in here, it’s sort of like stepping back in time.”
The Featherbone Factory pays homage to Edward Warren, an entrepreneur and businessman who turned turkey feathers into a worldwide business and put Three Oaks on the map.
“Featherbone started Three Oaks,” says Wisner. “Turkey feathers were used as the stays in corsets. They replaced whale bones in about 1883, and that’s when things took off.
Three Oaks was the world’s supplier. The business employed 600 at one time.”
Warren’s impact on Three Oaks can’t be downplayed. He helped raise more money per capita than anyone else in the country to fund the Spanish-American War, and as a result, President William McKinley came to Three Oaks to dedicate a memorial to that war effort and to personally greet Warren.
Nearby Warren Dunes State Park is named after him.   That rich history surrounds visitors to Featherbone Factory, and Wisner says that’s one of the things that make the business unique.
“We’re getting a good number of visitors to the store,” says Wisner. “With what we have here, we think it’s a good draw. I think it’s an exciting time in Three Oaks, because we’re getting new businesses coming in.”

Featherbone Factory is at:

205 N. Elm St.
Three Oaks, MI 49128

Hours are:
Monday through Saturday  10 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Sunday 1 to 5 p.m.
For more information, visit