Michigan Thyme Cafe

NEW BUFFALO, Mich. – Michigan Thyme Café has a menu that caters to all tastes. If you’re in a hurry and need a quick carry-out, it’s the place to go. But if you’re interested in spending a quiet afternoon enjoying a meal and a unique atmosphere, well, Michigan Thyme can serve that up, too.

Owner Janet Oberweis says she likes that kind of variety. “The fact is we have such a variety of things here that there is something of interest for everyone.” Along with the café, there also is a boutique where guests can enjoy shopping.

Oberweis began coming to southwest Michigan just over 20 years ago, fell in love with the area and in 1994 she opened the Gourmet Food Shop. After men’s and women’s clothing were added later, the business became The Shops at Michigan Thyme.

In 1995, Michigan Thyme Café opened as a deli and it has evolved into a café that specializes in serving breakfast all day and catering services for small office parties or boat trips. Oberweis said the breakfast and lunch menu offers fresh seasonal food items, homemade soups, salads and sandwiches.

It also offers an array of espresso and gourmet coffee and tea along with desserts and cookies from its own bakery.

“Our breakfast specialty is eggs Benedict with ham and asparagus and at lunch, it’s our Tarragon chicken salad,” said Oberweis.

The café is open year round, but is especially busy in the summer when New Buffalo becomes a second home to Chicagoans who visit on the weekend or spend the summer months there.

“I love the summer,” says Oberweis, “because I hear from so many people who come in and tell me they’re glad to be back. For me, that’s really special.”

Oberweis said Michigan Thyme has evolved exactly as she hoped. “This was my plan from the beginning. We bought two buildings and tied them together and did a lot of remodeling. One side is the café and the other is the boutique.

“I think people are happy we’re still here. We get so many compliments,” says Oberweis.

During the summer, Michigan Thyme Café has 25 employees, says Oberweis. During the off season, it has about 12 employees.

“Ten years is a long time for a business like this, but I think we help contribute to the unique flavor of the downtown area in New Buffalo.” ?

Michigan Thyme is located at 107 N. Whittaker St. in downtown New Buffalo. For more information call (269) 469-3470 or visit the website at