The Shrine of Christ's Passion

Shrine of Christ's Passion
                     A Wonderful Journey . . .

Over two thousand years ago on a hill called Calvary, Christians believe that the savior of the world hung on a cross for the sake of all humanity. His journey to Calvary was a lonely, pain-ridden event, but it changed the world forever.  At The Shrine of Christ’s Passion you are invited to experience the Passion of Christ as never    before. 

The Shrine Prayer Trail is a beautiful one-half mile wandering pathway welcoming people of all faiths to take a journey with Christ down the Via Crucis.

The Shrine consists of 40 life-size bronze statues, all individual works of art created by artist Mickey Wells of Amarillo, Texas. Each bronze statue depicts a scene from the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ including the Last Supper, the Garden of Gethsemane, the 14 Stations of the Cross, the Resurrection and finally the     Ascension of Christ. Each setting along the way has a listening station where the visitor will simply push a button to hear a description of the scene along with the      corresponding meditation. These 20 listening stations were written specifically for the Shrine and are beautifully narrated by Bill Kurtis.

As the guests travel from station to station, an original music score sets the mood for each scene. The landscape at the Shrine is designed to make guests feel that they are    visiting the Holy Land. The gentle, rolling hills, covered with tall fescue grass, make visitors forget that they are in Northwest Indiana. Eighty semi-truck loads of boulders, aptly named Holy Boulders, etch the countryside making for beautiful, restful surroundings. Finally, the life-size bronze statues make the Passion of Jesus Christ come alive.

The Shrine of Christ’s Passion is conveniently located 35 miles southeast of Chicago on U.S. 41 (Indianapolis Blvd. S. - I 80/94 Exit 2) and is handicap accessible. Beautiful new club cars are available for those who are unable to walk the trail. A tour guide will drive these guests along the path.

The Shrine of Christ’s Passion
10630 Wicker Avenue (US 41)
St. John, IN 46373

For reservations or for more information contact Paul at:
Phone: (219) 365-6010
e-mail at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.